V A L E N T I N E S  D A Y 

F I N D S 

 F R O M   B O O H O O

Happy Valentines Day!

I don’t know about you, but this month of LOVE has me full of smiles!

This is the day of love, flowers, and gifts. The most important thing for me though is… THE CLOTHES. I was able to put together a beautiful look for this amazing month of love. What better store to help me do that than BOOHOO!

First thing I have to mention to you is this; when it comes to my fashion, I make my own rules. That being said, pink and red were on my mind when I shopped for my ultimate look!

Safe to say that I accomplished my goal. I surprised myself a bit actually.

One thing I love about Boohoo is their variety of colors! You can basically find the color for pretty much holiday or event ! I was actually able to layer my outfit with two different color instead of just one. I mean, who goes to and only gets just one outfit? Like, is that even possible?



I found this beautiful High Neck Balloon Sleeve Belted Skater dress. This dress is super cute, simple, and also elegant. It’s something that can be dressed up in different ways. You can wear this to have a nice brunch with the girls, a cute little women’s event, or even a wedding, depending on how you dress it.

This is definitely something every girl should have in their closet. In this case, it went perfectly with their Tailored Self Button Blazer! It’s simple but also makes a statement which is more my style.

Once you’ve gotten your outfits together, it’s pretty much smooth sailing after that. Hints of red with my shoes and my clutch purse, which just so happens to be shaped into a heart (what a coincidence right?). Of course, my old faithful. My outfits are never complete without a nice hat to match.

You put it all together and VOILA! Pink and Red making LOVE!

Visit to shop some of their amazing outfits and valentines day inspired clothing!




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