My Truth Fashion is just that.. THE TRUTH!


My Truth Fashion is just that.. THE TRUTH!


Jesus answered,

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6


 I sat down and meditated on this scripture that is the foundation of this amazing brand. I am a believer in Christ. What you say and how you feel about yourself are important. That is why it is important for us to know that we are the mirror images of Christ Himself and that as God is, so are we (1 John:17).

It’s like the Gospel of the Lord Jesus and Fashion coming together.

Low and behold, the mission statement for My Truth Fashion is “Where Faith and Fashion collide to make bold statements.

Speak Your Truth. Wear Your Truth”

What is the truth? Simple. Jesus!

How can I not see messages on faith-inspired apparel and not want to wear it is a constant reminder of who I am living for?

I enjoyed putting a look together and wearing MY TRUTH. I love being able to add my own style to any look. You would think that just because they are both sweatshirts that I would just go the more comfortable route and forget the cute. NOPE! Absolutely not. Why? Because I am a stylist DUH! I am  not ordinary!

Take a look at how I was able to style the Color Block Crusader Sweatshirt. Here, I paired my it with my grey pants that go right above my ankles, this makes it easy for my sock boots to go right under my pants with ease.  I can’t forget my fedora which is basically my signature at this point. I pretty much wear everything with a hat. I believe a hat brings out any look!



My favorite look was how I styled the “Only accepting joy” pullover. I mean, who pairs a silk skirt with a hoodie?! Welp! ME! And I got to say this one made me proud. The blue silk skirt was pretty thin, so I paired it a wrap around waist belt which gave it a more upbeat look instead of just letting the sweatshirt hang. I prefer any top I wear to hang around my waist, the belt allowed the sweatshirt sit so nicely. Lastly, the shoes. Mind you, I was never much of a sneaker girl, but being that I am a stylist, comfort is my priority at this point. So I always try to find a balance between comfortable and cute. Overall, this hoodie put a smile on my face. The message gives me positive confirmation that I am truly in control of my life, because Jesus already bore my sorrows, I have nothing to worry about. Therefore, I am “Only accepting Joy”.

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